terms & condiitons

Our cancellation Policy

  • The Cancellation Policies listed below apply to all reservations unless the tour booked has specific fees,as listed
  • Please review all of your tour details prior to registering for the trip, because once an online
    registration is initiated, all cancellations will be treated as per the cancellation policy.
  • Please note, that Yatra will always adhere to individual tour policies when and if applicable.

Cancellation made within

  • Date of booking to 90 days prior to trip 30 days prior to the trip within 15 days prior to the trip

Refund Policy

  • 70% of the total purchase amount can be refunded
  • 50% of the total purchase amount can be refunded
  • 25% of the total purchase amount can be refunded
  • Please note that cancellation fees are calculated based on the date we receive your signed Cancellation form
    with reference to the above policy.
  • All cancellations must be made directly to Yatra.
  • Reservations paid by, money order/traveler’s cheques, or cashier’s cheque will be refunded,

Full Refund

  • Full Refund will be honored, for any cancellations made by Yatra (journey to the divine) only.

What CANNOT be refunded

  • All hotels and tour schedules are arranged ahead of time. Any person falling to appear on the day of departure without giving prior notice will not be refunded.
  • No refund will be given for any portion of the tour unused by the traveler after tour departure regardless of circumstances.
  • No refund will be honored by Yatra due to a natural disaster or Political unrest.

Amendment Fees

  • Any changes made to a reservation by you after successfully completing the registration online, will be subject to a minimum $75 Amendment Fee (per change). Any changes made by you, prior to the tour, constitutes an amendment such as:

● Changing pick up time
● Changing guest name

  • The $75 amendment fee is the minimum charge applicable for any changes. If you request multiple changes and/or request the adjustments at the last minute, additional fees may apply (in addition to the $75 amendment fee).


  • When can I expect a Refund?

All refunds will be made within 7-14 working days

  • How to cancel a reservation ?

We will NOT acknowledge any verbal/over-the-phone request or voice mail. Verbal instructions to our
representative without filling out a cancellation form will not guarantee your cancellation or acknowledgment of the

  • Please process the cancellation via the website
  • Your date of cancellation will be registered automatically online