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Sonal's life journey embodies a true roller coaster ride, as a full-time spiritual seeker and homemaker from the USA. Born in a small town in Gujarat, India, in a farmer's house, she experienced an authentic village lifestyle during her childhood. Later, she moved to the USA with her family, striving through various jobs to help her parents put food on the table for both her and her siblings. Despite a happy marriage and the responsibilities of being a homemaker and mother, she sensed an unfulfilled aspect within herself. Her transformation began when she discovered an Isha yoga class, igniting a change in her life. Eventually, she decided to move to India, settling in her guru's ashram nestled in the forests of South India at the foothills of the Velliangiri mountains. For a decade, she lived there with her two children, who attended an international boarding school. Devoting herself as a full-time volunteer, she served as a teacher and house parent, deeply engaging in diverse yoga practices as a dedicated sadhak, or seeker. Her role as a teacher led her and the children from the Isha Home School on numerous field trips across India, exploring its many sacred places. These journeys further enriched her spiritual quest, prompting her to extend her explorations across India. This passion to share her experiences culminated in the inception of Yatra LLC - 'A Journey to Divine,' aimed at guiding others to witness the spiritual essence she encountered in India otherwise known as 'Bharat.' Since then, this endeavor has become a significant manifestation in her life.

~ Sonal Patel

A spiritual nomad, passionate street photographer, and full-time seeker, Hitarth holds a degree in social science and also operates an NGO called the 'Shailja Foundation.' Through this organization, he dedicates himself to assisting stray animals in rural areas of Gujarat. Born into a traditional Brahmin family in Gujarat, with ancestral roots tracing back to Kashi, Hitarth felt drawn to spirituality from a very young age. After exploring various paths, he found solace in the depths of Hinduism.

Following a stint in the corporate world and marketplace, he realized that the conventional 9-5 job didn't align with his aspirations. His inclination was towards living a life akin to a spiritual nomad. Hitarth possesses a profound interest in India's history and spiritual heritage. He has conducted compelling research on Kashi, delving into its mystical temples, samadhis, and concealed spiritual sites, gathering numerous captivating stories from the spiritual and yogic lore of Bharat.

~ Hitarth Jani

A local guide from Banaras, Rahul adores meeting new people and sharing the beauty of his homeland, Mahadev's Nagri, famously known as Kashi. We've known Rahul for the past five years. On one occasion, when we encountered a massive crowd while attempting to visit the renowned Kal Bhairav Temple, Rahul came to our aid. Sensing our predicament, he approached us selflessly and escorted us into the sanctum sanctorum of the Baba Kal Bhairav Temple, ensuring we experienced its sanctity. This encounter marked our first meeting with this intriguing and kind-hearted Banarasi Babu or Kashi Vashi, both terms used to describe a local from Kashi or Banaras.

Since then, Rahul has become an integral part of every Kashi trip for us, evolving into both a friend and guide. Having been born and raised in Kashi, his intimate knowledge of the city is unparalleled. Rahul is familiar with every nook and cranny of Kashi and passionately showcases its essence. With his infectious humor and joyful demeanor, he transforms the mystical lanes of Kashi into even more captivating sites to explore."

~ Rahul Chaurasiya

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What CANNOT be refunded

  • All hotels and tour schedules are arranged ahead of time. Any person falling to appear on the day of departure without giving prior notice will not be refunded.
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Amendment Fees

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● Changing pick up time
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All refunds will be made within 7-14 working days

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